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Introducing LegalOn Playbooks: Fast, Simple, Seamless

Vivan Marwaha, Product Marketing Manager
August 29, 2023

Traditionally, contract review has not been an easy exercise. From receiving a contract on third-party paper to redlining with appropriate language, the process has been tedious and time-consuming. PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and complicated CLM workflows all needed to be navigated for a contract to be reviewed and signed.

Some organizations try to standardize the review process by building their own playbooks, or predefined sets of guidelines, rules, and templates that outline the step-by-step process for reviewing and managing contracts. Manual playbooks are a first start in providing consistent and standard language and positions. Although they are helpful, manual playbooks can often add to the cumbersome review process. With them, reviewers and business partners must toggle between applications and press Control + F across spreadsheets and contracts to find the right company position and preferred language. To embrace adoption, legal teams spend countless hours training and enabling their team and business partners, only to see those teams rapidly grow or terms change, creating the need for even more training. Often, Excel-hosted playbooks can be difficult to use, leading to inconsistencies and  delays when the business can hardly afford them.

Enter LegalOn Playbooks – Right Where You Need Them, in Contract Review.

As contracts grow in size and scope, legal teams need the best, purpose-built technology to automate tedious work and focus on higher-value projects. That’s why LegalOn Playbooks, directly integrated into our contract review platform, is the ideal solution for legal teams looking to save time, make it easy to apply playbook terms consistently, and enable and empower business partners. LegalOn Playbooks helps organizations become more efficient in three key areas:

Save Your Legal Team Time

In-house teams need to do more with less. Contracts are increasing and becoming more complicated, but your time – and often budget – remains the same. Legal teams waste countless hours when they don’t have the right technology that easily applies playbook rules to contract review.

Seamlessly integrated, LegalOn Playbooks help legal teams instantly detect important clauses and access your pre-approved positions directly in review. That means you spend less time toggling between your playbooks and line-by-line review.

Digitize your playbooks and take advantage of pre-approved, preferred, and fallback positions for critical clauses. Say goodbye to the countless hours spent reading, understanding, and reviewing Excel/Word playbooks. Automate your processes and free up time to focus on higher-value work with confidence.

Make Consistency Easy with Living Playbooks

No matter how much time or effort you spend simplifying your Excel playbooks, business partners will find them complicated and difficult to use. The result: risk and delay that neither you nor your business can afford.

LegalOn’s Playbooks ensure that your standard positions are up-to-date and applied consistently in every contract review. Through an easy-to-use interface, we have focused on making standardizing and updating your playbooks easy and seamless, enabling any team member or business partner to review contracts against your guidelines.

Rely on a single source of truth automatically disseminated and deployed through software, allowing you to ensure consistent review standards on the most up-to-date guidance. Pick any contract type and negotiating position, and start immediately reviewing against your playbooks.

Empower Your Team and Your Business

Even the best playbooks require implementation and enablement. They require a significant investment in training cross-functional team members in a manner that’s simply not scalable.

We’re changing that, allowing you to make anyone across your business a playbook pro. With LegalOn’s automated Playbooks, you can easily empower your team and your business partners in procurement, sales, and beyond to follow standardized processes, learn best practices, and efficiently navigate complex contract language. 

Remove unnecessary complications from playbook implementations. LegalOn’s Playbooks automatically ensure that your team applies the right playbook to the right contract and even the right clause. Gone are the endless training and enablement sessions – our platform makes playbooks fast and easy.

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Experience the Power of Purpose-Built Automation

Technology can be a powerful force multiplier for legal teams looking to do more with less. Playbooks are one of the most efficient ways for in-house teams to take their existing best practices and automate them on a solution purpose-built for contract review. 

Now with LegalOn's Playbooks, you can incorporate and automate your standard positions, seamlessly while you’re reviewing contracts. That way, if you have a playbook, LegalOn makes it faster, easier, and more scalable to deploy on Day-1. If you don't yet have a playbook, you can start reviewing right away with LegalOn's off-the-shelf positions that you can customize and add to as you review.

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