There's a Playbook for That

LegalOn’s AI is guided by detailed playbooks, ensuring consistent review tailored to your preferences.

Pre-Built & Custom AI Playbooks

Playbook Options for Every Contract

LegalOn reviews and redlines contracts in seconds based on your preferences and an unmatched collection of pre-built playbooks from our team of experienced attorneys.

Start with LegalOn's Playbooks

Out-of-the-Box Playbooks

Built by our experienced attorneys, LegalOn’s 50+ AI playbooks are specific to contract type and negotiating position (e.g. buyer or seller). They thoroughly cover all key terms, provide preferred language and explanatory guidance, and our attorneys keep them up-to-date as laws and market standards change.

Expert Guidance

LegalOn’s detailed practical guidance, sample clauses, and contract templates give you reliable, up-to-date legal knowledge, helping you understand and negotiate any contract and any term with confidence.

Adaptive Risk Settings

Risk is different for every business and every deal. LegalOn’s AI thoroughly reviews every contract every time, yet can adapt to highlight what matters most to you, whether you are conservative or “risk-on.”

Unmatched Collection of Pre-Built Playbooks

Lynden Renwick
Managing Partner
Out-House Attorneys

LegalOn’s pre-built playbooks are brilliant because I don’t have to spend hundreds of hours building my own.
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Tailor to Your Unique Positions

Make Consistency Easy with AI Playbooks

LegalOn makes standardizing your playbooks easy and seamless. Just add your preferred and fallback positions and cascade them across your team.

Accelerate Playbook Review

Automatically detect important clauses and have your preferred positions and language at your fingertips as you review.

Empower Your Team & Business

Make your positions and clauses easily accessible across your business, ensuring team members follow standard processes.

Custom AI for Enterprise Playbooks

For companies with an extensive playbook for high-volume contracts, we’ll build AI for your playbook. This fully-tailored experience helps teams quickly and consistently review and negotiate inbound contracts, like NDAs or vendor contracts, as well as redlines to your own documents, such as customer contracts or NDAs. 

Custom Contract Review at AI-Speed

Cut Review Time by Up to 85%

With AI trained to your playbook, your team can fly through contracts faster, saving up to 85% of their time. That means faster turnarounds to close deals and move the business forward.

Review Consistently, Every Time

Across teams and contracts, ensure contracts are reviewed and negotiated consistently to meet your standards. We’ll train our AI to spot the issues you care about and redline with the language you define.

Contract with Confidence, Confidentially

Each enterprise playbook is in a segregated, secure environment and never retained by or used to train third-party models.

Save Money with Exceptional ROI

When your team saves up to 17 out of every 20 hours previously spent on contract review, your business will save 6 to 7 digits a year. Building a business case becomes a no-brainer

Over 5,000 customers globally trust LegalOn.
Slash hours on contract review by up to 85%
Time required for set-up or implementation.

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Out-House Attorneys, LLC

Learn how law firm, Out-House Attorneys, slashed turnaround times and grew billing capacity by 40% with LegalOn.

CPG Beyond

Learn how data center service provider, CPG, reviewed NDAs and Service Agreements nearly 90% faster with LegalOn.

Toppan Photomasks

Learn how semiconductor leader, Toppan Photomasks, reduced their contract review time by 75% with LegalOn

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