LegalOn Contract AI, Directly in Word

Contract review and attorney-written guidance at AI-speed, directly in Microsoft Word.

Why LegalOn in Word

Review at the Speed of AI, in Word

Find and fix contract risks, get suggested terms, summarize documents, draft new language, and much more, all within Microsoft Word.

AI Contract Review in Seconds

Review First Party & Third Party Contracts

No matter the contract or side you represent, instantly review directly in Microsoft Word with AI grounded in your preferences and playbooks from our experienced attorneys.

Adaptive Risk Settings

LegalOn’s Contract AI thoroughly reviews contracts every time, yet can adapt to highlight what matters most given the deal context, whether you are conservative or “risk-on”.

Get Real-Time Practical Guidance

For each risk our software identifies, access in-depth practical guidance and sample language written by experienced attorneys. Our guidance content is seamless integrated in Microsoft Word as you review and negotiate.

Playbook Consistency

Out-of-the Box Playbooks

Start with LegalOn’s 50+ AI playbooks that are available directly in Microsoft Word. They are specific to contract type and negotiating position and provide actionable guidance, written and kept up-to-date as laws and market standards change.

Tailored to Your Unique Positions

Ensure consistent compliance to your unique preferences with AI that adjusts to the risks that matter to you. You can also access your organization's playbook, including preferred positions and clauses, inside Microsoft Word.

Empower Your Team & Business

Cascade LegalOn's customizable playbooks and your playbook positions across your entire team and business, enabling any reviewer to consistently screen contracts against established standards.

LegalOn Assistant

AI Assistance

Answer contract-specific questions with LegalOn Assistant, built with the power of GPT-4 and the security of SOC2 compliance.

Create Summaries in Seconds

Make complex language easily understandable, and quickly digest and share the essence of a contract and its terms.

Draft New Clauses and Revisions

Draft precise contract language 10x faster and tailor clauses to your position and deal context.

Over 5,000 customers globally trust LegalOn.
Slash hours on contract review by up to 85%
Time required for set-up or implementation.

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LegalOn reviews and redlines contracts in seconds based on your preferences and an unmatched collection of pre-built playbooks from our team of experienced attorneys.

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