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Experience legal AI built by lawyers and for legal teams.

Why Legal Expertise Matters

Practical Guidance by Expert Attorneys

We’re the only tool in the market that integrates AI with attorney-drafted practice notes and sample language specific to each contract type and negotiating position. Our integrated guidance helps professionals of all experience levels review confidently.

Review that Passes the Bar

Your contracts and reputation demand accuracy, not guesswork. While Large Language Models like ChatGPT often fabricate legal facts and principles, our AI uses databases of predefined standards, guidance, and contract language created by our experienced lawyers to spot issues, provide guidance, and make accurate redlines.

AI Contract Review that Actually Works

Some products ask you to train and code AI before it can be used. We think that’s backwards. We’ve invested thousands of hours training and testing our AI to identify critical risks and clauses in every contract we cover. Our AI reduces your workload, rather than increasing it.

Anthony Tommarello
Corporate Associate Attorney Industrial Service Solutions

LegalOn is a fantastic product because you're not teaching the AI. The AI is taught and continues to get better, and that adds so much value when reviewing and redlining contracts.

How LegalOn's AI Works

LegalOn's AI models are trained by lawyers and tailor to you. Our expert attorneys have pre-built over 50 playbooks, enabling immediate review Day 1. Adjust these to fit to your needs or let LegalOn develop a playbook just for your business.

AI Contract Review in Seconds

Review First Party & Third Party Contracts

No matter the contract or side you represent, instantly review with AI grounded in your preferences and playbooks from our experienced attorneys.

Target Essential Terms, Consistently

LegalOn’s AI thoroughly reviews contracts every time, and adapts to your risk preferences so you can focus on what matters most.

Get Real-Time Practical Guidance

For each risk our software identifies, access in-depth practical guidance and sample language written by experienced attorneys.

Review Any Doc in Word or Web

Review all types of Word documents and PDFs using LegalOn in Word or our online editor.

Redline with One Click

Smart Contract Redlines

Redline contracts in seconds with AI grounded in our expert legal knowledge and your preferred positions.

Context Aware Wording

Make precise, word-by-word redlines that match the defined terms and style of the contract you’re negotiating. Say goodbye to cutting and pasting whole clauses.

Negotiate Seamlessly

Insert explanatory comments and share your redlines and explanations in Word.

Customize Your Reviews

Configure Your Risk Preferences

Effortlessly set reviews to your company’s risk preferences, and maintain consistency across all contracts and reviewers. Watch your work get easier, not harder.

Add Your Playbook Positions

LegalOn’s AI thoroughly reviews contracts every time, and adapts to your risk preferences so you can focus on what matters most.

Fully Customized for AI Enterprise Playbooks

LegalOn can fully tailor our AI review to your organization’s needs and pre-existing playbooks – an ideal solution for companies with high volumes of particular contracts.

Over 5,000 customers globally trust LegalOn.
Slash hours on contract review by up to 85%
Time required for set-up or implementation.

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Learn how law firm, Out-House Attorneys, slashed turnaround times and grew billing capacity by 40% with LegalOn.

CPG Beyond

Learn how data center service provider, CPG, reviewed NDAs and Service Agreements nearly 90% faster with LegalOn.

Toppan Photomasks

Learn how semiconductor leader, Toppan Photomasks, reduced their contract review time by 75% with LegalOn

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