LegalOn Playbooks

Empower Your Team for Quick, Consistent Review

Say goodbye to toggling, pressing Control + F, and hours-long playbook trainings. The future of playbooks is here.

Save Your Legal Team Time

  • Instantly detect important clauses and access your pre-approved positions directly as you review.

  • Spend less time toggling between your playbooks and line-by-line review.

  • Reclaim critical time to focus on the issues that matter most and turn around contracts faster.

Make Consistency Easy with Living Playbooks

  • Never miss critical issues that matter most to your business.

  • LegalOn makes standardizing and updating your playbooks easy and seamless, enabling any team member or business partner to review contracts against your guidelines.

Empower Your Team and Your Business

  • Easily empower your team and your business partners in procurement, sales and beyond to follow standardized processes, learn best practices, and efficiently navigate complex contract language.

  • LegalOn Playbooks are your self help solution to save time and resources on training, boost productivity, and instantly enable your team and business partners.

From the Global Leader in AI Contract Review

number of companies and firms that are customers of LegalOn Technologies globally.
of users report time savings with LegalOn Technologies.
of users report improving review quality with LegalOn Technologies.

*Source: December 2022 LegalOn survey of Japan-based product users (N=257)

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