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LegalOn Playbooks: Fast, Simple, Seamless

Say goodbye to toggling, pressing Control + F across spreadsheets, and hours-long playbook training sessions.

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With LegalOn’s Playbooks, you can instantly detect relevant contract clauses and see your pre-approved positions right when you need them to ensure consistent, hassle-free review and negotiations.

Use LegalOn’s Playbooks to:
  • Save Your Legal Team Time: Contracts are increasing and becoming more complicated, but your time – and often budget – remains the same. Seamlessly integrated, LegalOn Playbooks help legal teams instantly detect important clauses and access your pre-approved positions directly in review. 
  • Make Consistency Easy with Living Playbooks: Rely on a single source of truth automatically disseminated and deployed through software, allowing you to ensure consistent review standards on the most up-to-date guidance.
  • Empower Your Team and Your Business:  LegalOn’s Playbooks automatically ensure that your team applies the right playbook to the right contract and even the right clause. Say goodbye to the endless training and enablement sessions!

Automate your best practices and empower anyone across your team to become a playbook pro.

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