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  • Scan for hidden risks, even in exhibits and addendums

  • Confirm compliance against your preferred terms

  • Check defined terms for consistency

Anthony Tommarello
Corporate Associate Attorney Industrial Service Solutions

I use LegalOn Assistant to strengthen my contracts. It helps me identify risks and draft new clauses from scratch. I've found that it saves more than 50% of my time.

Draft the Right Clause, Right Now

Generate clauses and revisions that fit just right.

  • Draft precise contract language instantly

  • Tailor clauses to your position and deal context

  • Redraft terms to favor your rights and obligations

Create Summaries with Ease

Turn complex legalese into accessible explanations.

  • Quickly understand the essence of a contract and its terms

  • Distill critical risks and takeaways for key stakeholders

  • Explain amendments and exhibits in plain English

Kristen Jacobsen
Associate General Counsel

LegalOn Assistant is extremely user-friendly and a huge timesaver for routine contract tasks like checking the meaning of defined terms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do legal teams use LegalOn Assistant for contract work?

LegalOn Assistant is an AI legal assistant designed to identify essential clauses, interpret legal terms, and draft. Legal teams interact with our AI Legal Assistant to discuss contract-related questions, draft clauses, and summarize contract terms.

Interaction with LegalOn Assistant is similar to how you might imagine interacting with a Legal AI Chatbot, but better because it’s more focused on contracts. The conversation is fluid and helpful, just like a great legal assistant. LegalOn Assistant helps legal teams workmore efficiently, enabling them to focus more on professional judgment and strategic negotiations.

How do I answer contract questions with LegalOn Assistant?

Our AI legal assistant provides instant answers to questions about contracts, including amendments and exhibits, eliminating the need to manually search through documents. If you are looking for specific information about a contract, simply open that contract in LegalOn’s web application or Word application and ask LegalOn Assistant questions like “what is the governing law of this contract?” or “what are the provider’s obligations in the event of a data breach?”.

Can I summarize contracts, terms, and redlines with LegalOn Assistant?

Our AI legal assistant summarizes key terms and clauses in plain language, speeding up reviews and communication with stakeholders. You can generate a summary by opening a particular contract for review and prompting LegalOn Assistant to summarize the contract or a particular clause. You can ask LegalOn Assistant to create a bulleted list of obligations, summarize key terms in an email, or any other task you need help with.

How do I draft clauses with LegalOn Assistant?

Our AI legal assistant aids in drafting new clauses and revisions that align with existing contract terms. To do so, prompt LegalOn Assistant to draft a term in the contract and provide context as to your preferences. For example, you may ask LegalOn Assistant to “redraft a late payment clause to be more favorable to your position as a customer.”

What security and privacy measures does LegalOn Assistant implement?

Recognizing the sensitivity of legal documents, LegalOn Assistant is developed with a focus on security and compliance. Engineers and lawyers have enhanced GPT-4 with specialized legal training and testing to ensure the assistant's proficiency. Advanced security measures include SOC II Type 2 compliance, providing robust protection for sensitive documents and ensuring that users can trust LegalOn Assistant with their legal needs.

How does LegalOn Assistant compare to other AI Legal Assistants?

Our customers have reported significant benefits from using LegalOn’s AI Legal Assistant, including substantial time savings and improved efficiency. It helps users understand contract terms easily, identifies risks, drafts new clauses, and significantly reduces the time spent on routine tasks, thereby enhancing overall productivity.

What are the benefits of using LegalOn Assistant?

LegalOn Assistant is designed to help boost the efficiency of legal contract review and analysis. Here are some quotes based on direct customer experience:

“LegalOn Assistant is extremely user-friendly and a huge time-saver,” said Kristen Jacobsen, Associate General Counsel at Golden Hippo, a customer with early access to LegalOn Assistant. “I use LegalOn Assistant to tell me what defined terms mean as I am reading a contract — this saves a lot of time scrolling back and forth through the contract to look up definitions.

“I use LegalOn Assistant to strengthen my contracts. It helps me identify risks and draft new clauses from scratch. I've found that it saves more than 50% of my time,” said Anthony Tommarello, Corporate Associate Attorney at Industrial Service Solutions, another early access user.

Does LegalOn Assistant work in Microsoft Word?

Our AI legal assistant works wherever legal professionals work, whether that be in Word or online. To access LegalOn Assistant in Word, simply open LegalOn’s Word plug-in, LegalOn Contract AI and select the LegalOn Assistant tab once you’ve begun a review.

Does LegalOn Assistant work on PDF documents?

Our AI legal assistant works on a wide variety of document types, including PDFs. To ask a contract question about a PDF, use LegalOn’s online web application. Once you select that contract, you can ask LegalOn Assistant to summarize its terms, suggest revisions, and more.

Is there a risk of hallucinations using LegalOn Assistant?

Hallucinations describe the tendency for large language models, like ChatGPT, to provide an answer that is made up and incorrect. The team at LegalOn takes steps to minimize the risk of hallucinations with LegalOn Assistant, including directing a user to a particular clause or section of the contract so legal professionals can cross-check the answers. Additionally, users can also review a contract with LegalOn’s proprietary AI, LegalOn AI Review, which is grounded in expert-drafted standards, practical guidance, and sample language.

How can I experience LegalOn Assistant firsthand?

We welcome interested legal professionals to book a meeting and witness the capabilities of LegalOn Assistant firsthand or to download the Product Sheet for more detailed information. A demo will quickly show you how our AI Legal Assistant and Legal AI Chatbot can provide intelligent support, allowing you and your broader legal team to concentrate on more strategic aspects of your work.

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