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AI Contract Review in Seconds

Review First Party & Third Party Contracts

No matter the contract or side you represent, instantly review with Legal AI grounded in your preferences and playbooks from our experienced attorneys.

Target Essential Terms, Consistently

LegalOn’s AI thoroughly reviews contracts every time, and adapts to your risk preferences so you can focus on what matters most.

Get Real-Time Practical Guidance

For each risk our software identifies, access in-depth practical guidance and sample language written by experienced attorneys.

Review Any Doc in Word or Web

Review all types of Word documents and PDFs using LegalOn in Word or our online editor.

Redline with One Click

Smart Contract Redlines

Redline contracts in seconds with AI grounded in our expert legal knowledge and your preferred positions.

Context Aware Wording

Make precise, word-by-word redlines that match the defined terms and style of the contract you’re negotiating. Say goodbye to cutting and pasting whole clauses.

Negotiate Seamlessly

Insert explanatory comments and share your redlines and explanations in Word.

Customize Your Reviews

Configure Your Risk Preferences

Effortlessly set reviews to your company’s risk preferences, and maintain consistency across all contracts and reviewers. Watch your work get easier, not harder.

Add Your Playbook Positions

LegalOn’s AI thoroughly reviews contracts every time, and adapts to your risk preferences so you can focus on what matters most.

Fully Customized for AI Enterprise Playbooks

LegalOn can fully tailor our AI review to your organization’s needs and pre-existing playbooks – an ideal solution for companies with high volumes of particular contracts.

Jarrold Huang
General Counsel
Toppan Photomasks

With LegalOn, NDA reviews that used to take 2 hours now take 30 minutes. The software helps my team save time and enables me to immediately train new members.
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Answers, Summaries, and Suggestions with Generative AI

AI Assistance

Ask any question about the contract you’re reviewing. Scan for hidden risks and check defined terms for consistency.

Create Summaries in Seconds

Make complex language easily understandable, and quickly digest and share the essence of a contract and its terms.

Draft New Clauses and Revisions

Draft precise contract language 10x faster and tailor clauses to your position and deal context.

Collaborate from Draft to Sign

Robust Version Tracking

Automatically save versions across your team and compare them against past drafts to inspect changes and monitor for accuracy.

Communicate with Your Team

Collaborate easily with team members on outstanding issues, escalations, and approvals.

Centralized Contract Dashboard

Unify your team's negotiations and past contracts on one screen, enhancing visibility and access to shared contract knowledge.

Get More From Your Precedents

Compare Any Contract

Compare any two contracts or versions to spot unmarked changes, variations from precedent, or missing terms.

Find the Clause You Need

Quickly find the clause or contract you need with lightning-fast search. Search and filter by specific parties, contract types, clause language, and more.

Create Your Contract Repository

LegalOn can store your contracts, version history, and templates, making it easy for you and your team to manage and access contracts.

Tap Into Templates

Access Proven Templates

Draft new contracts quickly and confidently with 100+ full market standard templates written and maintained by our lawyers and tailored to jurisdiction and negotiating position.

Store Your Own Templates

Your whole team can easily search and store your own collection of templates for a fast first draft or to easily find the language you need.

Compare Against Your Templates

Compare third-party contracts article-by-article against your in-house templates or LegalOn’s templates to spot if essential terms are missing.

Stephanie Avery
Contracts Analyst

I love using the compare feature on documents coming back from other parties. It's incredibly helpful to show changes or even compare two different documents article by article.
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