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LegalOn's Suite of Healthcare and Life Sciences Contracts

Tara McKenzie, Senior Counsel

The healthcare and life sciences industries are governed by a labyrinth of complex legal agreements essential for operations, compliance, and safeguarding sensitive information. Legal professionals in these sectors often grapple with the mammoth task of managing an array of contracts, each with its own set of regulatory demands. Recognizing this challenge, LegalOn is proud to introduce our suite of contract types with ready-to-use playbooks, meticulously designed for the healthcare industry.

With LegalOn’s suite of healthcare and life sciences contracts, LegalOn now has over 50+ pre-built playbooks, a play-book tailored to each party’s position in respect to dozens of contracts. LegalOn’s playbooks are built by seasoned attorneys and easily customizable to healthcare organization’s risks and preferences.

A Tailored Solution for Industry Specifics

Our suite includes a Business Associate Agreement, Material Transfer Agreement, Clinical Trial Agreement, Data Use Agreement, as well as our pre-existing Data Processing Agreement. Each type of contract serves as a pillar in the robust architecture of contracts and compliance in the healthcare and life science industries, and our tools are crafted to uphold this architecture with precision and reliability.

Business Associate Agreements (BAAs)

A cornerstone of compliance with HIPAA, BAAs are crucial in any scenario where protected health information (PHI) is handled by Business Associates. Our AI-assisted reviews help you to ensure that your BAAs are not just compliant with stringent federal requirements, also appropriate to safeguard the PHI under the circumstances. Read some of our tips and tricks in reviewing BAAs here and learn more about AI Review for BAAs here.

Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)

In the dynamic arena of research and development, MTAs govern the exchange of materials between entities for scientific advancement. LegalOn’s AI-driven platform is tailored to handle the nuances of the most commonly used type of MTAs, those for non-human, non-GMO biological materials and can be used for both patented and unpatented material, ensuring that intellectual property and research efforts are protected while fostering collaborative innovation. Read about AI Review for MTAs here.

Clinical Trial Agreements (CTAs)

CTAs are vital in outlining the scope of clinical research, defining roles and responsibilities of the parties and investigators, and protecting participant safety while adhering to regulatory requirements. Our solution streamlines the process of drafting, reviewing, and maintaining CTAs, enabling more time to be spent on the trial itself rather than on contract negotiation. Read about AI Review for CTAs here.

Data Use Agreements (DUAs)

As data becomes increasingly central to healthcare operations and research, DUAs ensure the responsible handling of limited data sets. LegalOn makes it simple to establish terms that protect data privacy, define usage limits, and thoroughly address regulatory compliance. Read about AI Review for DUAs here.

Data Processing Agreements (DPAs)

Integral to ensuring data privacy and compliance with laws like GDPR and CCPA, DPAs are critical when processing personal data. LegalOn’s AI-assisted platform simplifies the review and customization of DPAs, ensuring they meet legal standards while catering to your organization's specific needs. Read about AI Review for DPAs here.

Streamlining Contract Review in Healthcare

With LegalOn, legal professionals can now confidently manage their contract review workflows more efficiently. Our platform is enriched with in-depth attorney-led analyses of critical healthcare contracts, such as MTAs, DUAs, CTAs, and BAAs, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each document’s complexities and compliance requirements. Our AI is engineered to reduce the time and expense associated with contract reviews, freeing you to concentrate on the substantive legal work that ensures patient privacy, advances healthcare research, and maintains the highest standards of compliance.

Our focus on these contracts underscores the importance of precision and informed review in the healthcare and life sciences industries. From safeguarding intellectual property in MTAs to ensuring data privacy in DUAs, and from navigating regulatory requirements in CTAs to protecting patient information in BAAs, LegalOn provides a robust platform that is not merely about efficiency but about ensuring compliance and legal integrity.

LegalOn's comprehensive suite is part of our commitment to empowering healthcare legal teams with the tools they need to excel. Book a meeting with a member of our team to dive into our platform today and experience a seamless blend of legal acumen and cutting-edge technology.

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