Introducing Consulting Services Agreements on LegalOn

LegalOn Team
June 29, 2023

We’re excited to announce that legal teams can now use LegalOn to review Consulting Services Agreements. Consulting Services Agreements are some of the most common contracts that legal teams review, and it is the 6th contract type we’ve launched this year.

We've recently announced our review capabilities for SaaS Terms of Service. The contracts we support now include:

  1. NDAs
  2. Master Services Agreements
  3. SaaS Terms of Service Agreements
  4. Master Purchase Agreements
  5. General Provisions
  6. Consulting Services Agreements

As with all of our contract launches, we aim to empower legal teams to streamline pre-signature contract reviews, control legal risks, and reach agreements faster. We expect to accelerate the pace of our contract launches through the remainder of 2023. Stay tuned!

Reviewing Consulting Services Agreements with LegalOn

LegalOn is usable on Day 1 for customers, with no setup or AI training required. Our AI is pre-trained to review each agreement type out of the box. We offer up-to-date guidance content written by experienced attorneys for every issue our AI spots. You can easily customize review settings and add your organization’s playbook positions as appropriate.

Consulting Services Agreements span a multitude of industries. Whether you operate in management consulting, information technology, marketing and advertising, human resources, engineering and architecture, finance and accounting, healthcare, or environmental consulting, you can review using LegalOn to support your specific requirements.

Consulting Services Agreements are pivotal in defining the relationship between two entities, establishing expectations, protecting rights, managing risks, and preventing disputes. Consulting Services Agreements also act as a safeguard for confidential information and intellectual property rights. In many consulting engagements, consultants have access to sensitive business information, making the inclusion of a confidentiality clause paramount. Such a clause ensures that confidential information remains protected from unauthorized disclosure or misuse. Additionally, the agreement can explicitly determine the ownership of any new intellectual property created during the consulting relationship, safeguarding the interests of both parties involved.

LegalOn will alert you to contract risks related to all of these issues, whether there is missing language that should be added or problematic language that should be removed. LegalOn also allows users to review critical areas such as subcontracting, assignment of personnel, and control over the assignment of personnel. By defining subcontracting conditions, ensuring suitable personnel allocation, and maintaining control over staffing decisions, you can minimize risks and uphold the quality of the consulting services.

Negotiate Stronger Contracts Faster

At LegalOn, we help legal teams negotiate stronger contracts faster. Our formula for contract review is cutting-edge AI, expert legal guidance, and you. Our alerts, instant revisions, and guidance content help take care of the most tedious parts of contract review. That way, you can focus on making important legal judgments without getting bogged down.

We encourage you to try LegalOn for yourself, for free. Sign up today for a free trial to connect with our team and experience the best AI contract review software available today.

Disclaimer: LegalOn is neither a law firm nor an attorney and is not a substitute for the advice or services of an attorney. The information provided in this blog post is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. 

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