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Celebrate LegalOn’s US Launch at CLOC: AI Revise, SaaS Agreements, and More

LegalOn Team

It’s time to crack open a bottle of sake! All this week, we are celebrating our US launch at the CLOC Global Institute in Las Vegas. To celebrate, LegalOn Technologies is releasing AI Revise, our AI-powered contract editor, for public demonstrations and unveiling additional tools and agreement types to help legal teams negotiate even more contracts faster.

LegalOn Technologies is Japan's largest legal tech company and a global leader in contract review AI, trusted by over 3,000 companies and law firms globally. Several weeks ago, we announced our commercial launch in the US and unveiled AI Revise, the first-ever AI contract editing tool enhanced by expert legal knowledge. 

Now, customers can experience AI Revise in action with our first-ever public demonstration of this groundbreaking new technology at the CLOC Global Institute. With a single click, legal professionals can direct AI Revise to make sophisticated contract revisions to resolve contract risks flagged by our proprietary AI technology. The revisions are enhanced by our expert legal content and generated within the context and structure of the agreement.

In addition to AI Revise, we are announcing that you can now review SaaS Terms of Service on LegalOn. Across every industry and in every function, SaaS has become the standard for software and technology delivery. SaaS agreements are the key document outlining the rights and responsibilities of cloud-based service providers and their customers. 

With LegalOn, legal teams can now instantly identify and fix hundreds of nuanced risks in SaaS agreements. Whether you are reviewing your vendor’s terms or redlines to your own terms, LegalOn helps spot crucial risks related to liability, service disruptions, intellectual property, data security and privacy requirements, and much more. With LegalOn’s detailed guidance, you’ll also have resources at your fingertips on why those risks matter and the guidance to fix them.

LegalOn is also unveiling custom playbook alerts that enable legal teams to add their own alerts to LegalOn’s review platform, ensuring the risks that matter most to your business are considered every time a contract is reviewed. Legal teams can add playbook alerts to every contract type and negotiating position LegalOn covers.

At LegalOn, our formula for contract review is cutting-edge AI, expert legal guidance, and you.  Our alerts, instant revisions, and guidance content help take care of the most tedious parts of contract review. That way, you can focus on making the most important decisions without getting bogged down. With custom playbook alerts, you can tailor your review experience to what matters most to you and your business.

LegalOn is usable on Day 1 for customers, with no setup or AI training required. These new agreement types and features are no different. Our AI is now pre-trained to review SaaS agreements out of the box. Turn our alerts and suggestions into revisions instantly with AI Revise and add your own custom alerts to our review tool.

If you will be at CLOC, join us as we celebrate our US launch and enter for a chance to win a trip to Japan! Here are all of the ways you can learn more and win:

  • Meet us at Booth 200 and meet our team, see LegalOn in action, and get Japanese-inspired swag.
  • Join our Solutions Lab and learn how Turo, Inc., the world’s largest peer-to-peer car-sharing marketplace, uses LegalOn to spot nuanced contract risks, control risk, and optimize legal resources. We’ll be at the Bellagio 1 on May 17th at 2:40 pm.
  • Book a One-on-One Meeting to have your own private showing of AI Revise and learn how we can help negotiate stronger contracts faster.

If you won’t be at CLOC but want to learn more about how LegalOn can help you negotiate stronger contracts faster and save you from the most tedious parts of contract review, sign up for a demo today. We can't wait to help!

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