Instantly Review Software Licensing Agreements with LegalOn

Jeffrey Shimamoto, Head of Legal Content
August 17, 2023

Companies purchase and sign hundreds of software agreements with various technology vendors. For on-premise applications, Software Licensing Agreements are critical contracts that govern how and where the software can be used. Across industries and business functions, companies require strong agreements with vendors to clearly delineate the scope of the software license, protect their data, and mitigate risk.

Reviewing these contracts can take time and a lot of effort. From indemnification clauses to the treatment of IP, dozens of risky provisions may need to be reviewed, revised, or removed. Whether you are on the buy-side or sell-side, your business partners need Software Licensing Agreements quickly reviewed to close a deal or bring on a new software vendor, but doing so requires critical attention and time. That’s why LegalOn is thrilled to share that we now have Software Licensing Agreements on our contract review platform!

Software Licensing Agreements are the 8th agreement type we have launched on our platform this year, and they complement our recently-launched SaaS Agreements, to form a perfect package for legal teams reviewing software agreements for their companies.

Day-1 Usability

We’ve built LegalOn to be usable on Day 1 – no setup or AI training is required. That means you can instantly start reviewing Software Licensing Agreements on our platform as soon as you get them.

As you review Software Licensing Agreements, you’re looking out for indemnification provisions, compliance and privacy assurances, and intellectual property protections. LegalOn’s AI and expert legal content do that for you – all you need to do is accept or revise contract clauses with a single click. With LegalOn's AI capabilities, our platform will alert you to contract risks related to these provisions and provide sample language and guidance to help legal teams address those risks.

Our software provides up-to-date guidance written by experienced attorneys for every issue our AI spots. You can easily customize review settings and add your organization’s playbook positions as appropriate. That means you can quickly turn around complicated Software Licensing Agreements and SaaS Agreements.

At LegalOn, we combine cutting-edge AI, expert legal content, and you. Our alerts, guidance, and instant revisions help take care of the most tedious parts of contract review. That way, you can focus on making important legal judgments without getting bogged down.

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Disclaimer: LegalOn is neither a law firm nor an attorney and is not a substitute for the advice or services of an attorney. The information provided in this blog post is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

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