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Access 100+ market-standard contract templates, drafted and maintained by attorneys, to create new contracts in clicks, not hours.

Accelerate Contract Drafting with Proven Templates

Pick from 100+ market standard contract templates written and updated by lawyers. Don’t start from scratch or a low-quality precedent – pick your contract type, jurisdiction, and negotiating position and jumpstart your drafting process.

Draft Confidently with Up-to-Date Templates

From routine NDAs to non-routine Stock Purchase Agreements, and buy-side to sell-side, LegalOn Templates are constantly updated to reflect changing legal requirements and the latest market standards, each with definitions and guidance to help you understand the potential impact of your choices. Negotiate from a position of strength and create contracts that align with your company's goals.

Reduce Legal Spend

LegalOn Templates empower your team to handle more contracts in-house and reduce spend on expensive external legal fees, subscriptions, and membership dues. Regain control over your legal budget with expertly drafted and maintained templates bundled with LegalOn’s AI contract review platform.

Drafting contracts can be time-intensive. Non-routine contracts take even longer. LegalOn’s Templates – drafted by experienced attorneys – provide excellent starting points that can be adapted to your business needs, saving valuable time and legal resources.
Christine Farmer
Corporate Counsel, Law Offices of Christine Farmer

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Directly integrated in our contract review platform, LegalOn Templates include a wide range of carefully crafted contract templates curated for the needs of in-house legal teams.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Master Services Agreement
  • Master Sale and Services Agreement
  • Master Sale of Goods Agreement
  • Manufacturing and Supply Agreement
  • Consulting Services Agreement
  • Software Support Services Agreement
  • Software Development Agreement
  • Software Licensing Agreement
  • Copyright Licensing Agreement
  • Trademark Licensing Agreement
  • Patent Licensing Agreement
  • Patent and Know-How Licensing Agreement
  • Joint R&D Agreement
  • Distribution Agreement
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Stock Purchase Agreement
  • Shareholders Agreement

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