Cutting-edge AI for pre-signature review.

Cut review time by 40%* with an instant AI review that spots nuanced contract risks and provides guidance and language to fix them.

Your AI-assistant for
contract review

Get an instant first-pass review with AI that spots contract risks and provides guidance and redline suggestions configurable to your preferences.

Advanced contract review before you sign.

  • Identify nuanced contract risks with alerts you need for pre-signature review.

  • Review tailored to your position as buyer or seller and contract type, including NDAs, MSAs, Purchase Agreements, and more.

  • 9 out of 10 users* report that LegalOn's AI improves the quality and consistency of their contract review.

Easy-to-use resources at your fingertips.

  • Consider detailed practical guidance and sample clauses written by our team of experienced attorneys to help you review and revise.

  • Easily create and draw from your library of your past contracts, clauses, and templates.

  • Manage version control and see side-by-side changes as you negotiate.

Consistent guardrails for your business

  • Adjust your review settings to your business’s priorities and risk preferences.

  • Align your team around a consistent set of review standards.

  • Track your team's review performance around a shared set of review metrics.

Peace of mind, instantly.

of users report time savings with LegalOn Technologies.
of users report improving review quality with LegalOn Technologies.

*Source: December 2022 LegalOn survey of Japan-based product users (N=257)

Drag, drop, resolve.

10. File

Drag and drop contract

Simply drag and drop a Word or PDF contract into LegalOn for review.

01. General

AI review in 3 seconds

Select your contractual position and let the AI review per LegalOn’s pre-trained standards configurable to your needs.

12. Sign - Control

You control changes

Alerts and suggestions do the tedious work so you can be the final reviewer and decision-maker.

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