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Elevate your work and get an instant first-pass review with AI that identifies nuanced contract risks and guidance to help you negotiate them.

AI, Guidance, and You

AI made easy

We think it’s backwards that some products ask YOU to train and code the AI before you can use it. Our AI is pre-trained to detect hundreds of nuanced contract risks for every contract type we cover. No setup, no headache.

Expert, trusted guidance

Our AI Review includes alerts, sample language, and practice notes written by experts and tailored to the contract type and your position as buyer or seller. We’re used and trusted by over 3,000 customers globally. And our editor, AI Revise, helps you apply our suggested fixes instantly.

You are in charge

Let the alerts take care of tedious details and adjust review settings to match your organization’s needs. That way, you can focus on making important decisions without getting bogged down.

Your AI-assistant for
contract review

Get an instant first-pass review with AI that spots contract risks and provides guidance and redline suggestions configurable to your preferences.

Peace of Mind, Instantly

of users report time savings with LegalOn Technologies.
of users report improving review quality with LegalOn Technologies.

*Source: December 2022 LegalOn survey of Japan-based product users (N=257)


AI Review
Identify nuanced contract risks with alerts tailored to your position as buyer or seller and contract type, including NDAs, MSAs, Purchase Agreements, and more.
Legal guidance content
Consider detailed practical guidance and sample clauses written by our team of experienced attorneys.
Importance settings
Adjust your review settings to your business's priorities and risk preferences. Tailor by negotiating position and contract type.


AI Revise
Instantly turn our AI alerts and suggestions into precise redlines with a single click.
The power of Word and Track Changes in your browser.
Seamlessly collaborate with your team on outstanding issues, escalations, and approvals.


Contract repository
Easily create a central repository to find contracts, clauses, and templates.
Clause search
Quickly find the clause you need from past contracts with lightning fast search.
Compare contracts article by article to see changes from past contracts, such as at renewal

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