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In today's fast-paced business environment, securing the perfect office space is more than just a logistical need; it's a commitment that can shape the future of a company. With so much riding on this decision, it's essential to have a comprehensive and understandable lease agreement that protects all parties involved. Recognizing this need, we’re excited to share that we have incorporated Office Lease Agreements into our platform, ensuring that both landlords and tenants can proceed with confidence.

Office Lease Agreements are the 9th contract type available on our platform, joining:

  1. Non-Disclosure Agreements
  2. Master Services Agreements
  3. SaaS Terms of Service Agreements
  4. Master Purchase Agreements
  5. Consulting Services Agreements
  6. Data Processing Agreements
  7. Software Licensing Agreements
  8. General Provisions

What is an Office Lease Agreement?

An office lease agreement is a formal legal contract between a landlord (often referred to as the "lessor") and a tenant (often referred to as the "lessee") that stipulates the terms and conditions under which the tenant can rent an office space from the landlord for a specified period of time.

There are many different types of office lease agreements when it comes to commercial property, and they generally fall within a spectrum, ranging from “Gross” at one end of the spectrum to “Net” at the other end, depending on how much responsibility is undertaken by the Lessee versus the Lessor for costs associated with the property being leased.

LegalOn’s Office Lease Agreement is purpose built to review the most common lease agreement in office settings - a full service, gross lease. Under this lease, tenants are responsible for a single “gross” rent payment, while the landlord is responsible for property taxes, insurance, and maintenance. In the coming months, LegalOn will release a full suite of commercial lease agreements, including Modified Gross and Triple Net Leases.

Reviewing Office Lease Agreements to ensure the rights and obligations for each party are clear and in-line with the parties’ expectations can be complicated and time consuming. Careful review is important to protect both parties from potential disputes, misunderstandings, and unforeseen liabilities. 

Day-1 Usability

We’ve built LegalOn to be usable on Day 1 – no setup or AI training is required. That means you can instantly start reviewing Office Lease Agreements on our platform as soon as you get them.

As you review Office Lease Agreements, you’re looking out for provisions related to the Grant of Lease, Waiver of Subrogation, Common Areas, Indemnification, among many others. LegalOn’s AI and expert legal content help you spot critical clauses, explain why they matter, and revise provisions with a single click. With LegalOn's AI capabilities, our platform will alert you to contract risks related to these provisions and provide sample language and guidance to help legal teams address those risks.

Our software provides up-to-date guidance written by experienced attorneys for every issue our AI spots. You can easily customize review settings and add your organization’s playbook positions as appropriate. That means you can quickly turn around complicated Office Lease Agreements.

At LegalOn, we combine cutting-edge AI, expert legal content, and you. Our alerts, guidance, and instant revisions help take care of the most tedious parts of contract review. That way, you can focus on making important legal judgments without getting bogged down.

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