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Comprehensive Suite of Office Lease Agreements on LegalOn

Jeffrey Shimamoto, Head of Legal Content
February 22, 2024

In the world of commercial real estate, understanding the nuances of office lease agreements is paramount for businesses seeking the perfect space to thrive. That’s why we’re excited to share that LegalOn's AI Contract Review platform now includes three pivotal types of office lease agreements, broadening our scope to empower legal teams to review a complete range of office leases. This expansion includes Triple Net, Gross, and Modified Gross Leases, ensuring comprehensive coverage for legal teams. With our AI platform, you can efficiently review any office lease, streamlining your workflow and reducing error risk.

Gross Office Lease Agreements: Gross leases, also called “Full-Service” office leases, ensure that the lessee only has to worry about paying a flat monthly fee. The lessor pays for everything else. These are key for startups and small businesses, which may need to be able to more easily forecast their monthly expenses without complicated calculations that include variable costs. Lessees do generally pay a higher base rent however for the convenience of a single flat rent.

Modified Gross Office Lease Agreements: Striking a balance between gross and net leases, Modified Gross Leases offer a middle ground as the lessee pays base rent, plus additional rent which may consist of a variety of different expense elements. This lease type adapts well to various commercial spaces, particularly where multiple tenants share building amenities. 

By distributing some operational costs while excluding others, Modified Gross Leases cater to businesses desiring clearer insights into their leasing expenses and typically a lower base rent. This flexibility, combined with provisions for auditing and expense caps, can result in a fair and transparent relationship between the parties, making this type of lease a strategic choice for businesses seeking a compromise between all-inclusive gross leases and the extensive responsibilities of triple net leases.

Triple Net Office Lease Agreements: A game-changer for those preferring transparency and control, Triple Net Leases allocate most property costs to the lessee(s), including taxes, insurance, and maintenance. Ideal for single-tenant properties, but also used in multi-tenant scenarios, these agreements offer predictability and reduced financial risk for lessors.

Triple Net Leases shift the responsibility of operating expenses, property taxes, and property insurance to the tenant(s), offering a less ambiguous financial landscape that can be advantageous for businesses capable of managing these expenses. This type of lease encourages tenants to be more cognizant of their uses of the property, potentially leading to a higher quality workspace customized to their needs. For landlords, NNN leases reduce the administrative burden of managing property expenses, focusing on long-term investment returns that are net of most of their expenses.

Full Suite of Office Lease Agreements

The Gross Lease is the simplest type of commercial office lease, with tenants paying a flat monthly rent and landlords covering all ownership and operating costs. The Modified Gross Lease builds upon the Gross Lease, making tenants responsible for some additional variable costs. Finally, the Triple Net Lease goes even further by passing through nearly all costs associated with operating the property to the tenant(s).

With AI-powered analysis tailored to each agreement type, LegalOn enables you to rapidly review key terms around base rent, additional rent, operating expenses, maintenance and repairs, utilities, taxes, insurance, and more. Our platform identifies areas needing negotiation, explains risks, and provides precedent language, clauses, and alerts created by experienced attorneys.

Review on Day-1

With these additions, LegalOn enables those reviewing office leases to start with confidence on day one, with no setup or training required. They join LegalOn’s 20+ contract types that can be reviewed off-the-shelf on Day 1, including:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Master Services Agreement
  • SaaS Terms of Service Agreement
  • Master Purchase Agreement
  • Consulting Services Agreement
  • Data Processing Agreement
  • Software Licensing Agreement
  • Venue Rental Agreement
  • General Provisions
  • Letter of Intent
  • Distribution Agreement
  • Manufacturing & Supply Agreement
  • Purchase of Goods Agreement
  • Service Agreement
  • Service Agreement with Deliverables
  • Sales Agency Agreement
  • Business Associate Agreement
  • Data Use Agreement

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