Introducing the Business Associate Agreement to LegalOn: Promoting HIPAA Compliance

We're thrilled to announce the newest addition to our contract review platform at LegalOn - the Business Associate Agreement (BAA). As a vital component in the healthcare and healthcare-related industries, BAAs are essential for compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Our new offering is designed to simplify and accelerate contract review associated with protected health information (PHI).

The BAA is the 15th contract type on our platform, joining the:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Master Services Agreement
  • SaaS Terms of Service Agreement
  • Master Purchase Agreement
  • Consulting Services Agreement
  • Data Processing Agreement
  • Software Licensing Agreement
  • Gross Office Lease Agreement
  • Venue Rental Agreement
  • General Provisions
  • Letter of Intent
  • Distribution Agreement
  • Manufacturing & Supply Agreement
  • Purchase of Goods Agreement

HIPAA-covered entities must enter into BAAs with their Business Associates prior to giving them access to PHI in order to comply with HIPAA. This new contract type can dramatically lessen the time necessary to review large volumes of BAAs, and thus a large portion of the compliance burden felt by legal counsel in the healthcare and healthcare-related industries, enabling them to focus on other aspects of patient privacy protection.

Key Features of the BAA Review on LegalOn:

  • Mandated Elements Included: All elements that must legally be included in a BAA per federal regulations are covered in LegalOn’s BAA Review.
  • Defined Terms and Conditions: Thoroughly reviewed definitions cite to the applicable sections of the Code of Federal Regulations for easy reference and accuracy.
  • Data Use Agreements: The BAA Review also offers inclusion of the necessary elements of a Data Use Agreement, increasing efficiency and reducing privacy risk where both agreements would be applicable. 
  • Data Ownership Clarity: Specifies that PHI ownership is not transferred via the BAA.
  • Audit Rights: Provisions for inspections, audits, and third-party certifications.
  • Enhanced Cybersecurity Measures: Suggests safeguards beyond federal regulations.

Day-1 Usability

Like our other contract types, the BAA is designed for immediate use with no complex setup. Our AI-powered platform, combined with expert legal content, highlights key provisions such as data use, cybersecurity measures, and audit rights. This ensures that you're equipped to manage BAAs efficiently and effectively.

Join over 4,500 customers who trust LegalOn for contract review. With the addition of BAAs, we continue to commit to providing comprehensive solutions for the legal challenges of today's healthcare and tech industries.

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