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In-House Report: AI Contract Review at an Inflection Point

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This exclusive survey, conducted in December 2023 by LegalOn Technologies and In-House Connect, compiles the expertise of over 150 legal professionals, offering a deep dive into the nuances of contract review practices.

The report lays out essential benchmarks in contract review efficiency, playbook usage, and the adoption of AI, aiming to arm legal professionals with the insights needed to navigate the complexities of their field. Key highlights include:

  • Contract Review Efficiency: Legal teams continue to dedicate significant time to contract review. Learn the average time it takes to review a contract and see how your organization compares.
  • Playbook Adoption: While the concept of contract playbooks is widely discussed, our findings on comprehensive playbook adoption may surprise you.
  • AI Adoption: Amidst the buzz around AI's potential, our report offers data on its current use in contract review, the interest level among legal teams, and those yet to consider its benefits.

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