Product Sheet: Playbook Options

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Playbook Options for Every Contract

Playbooks are the foundation for consistent and high-quality contract reviews, and whether you're starting from scratch or scaling your existing standards, LegalOn has you covered.

Start with LegalOn’s 50+ attorney-crafted playbooks so you can review right away. Adjust these playbooks to fit your needs or work with us to develop a custom playbook. 

LegalOn’s playbook options are designed for every type of legal team. They empower you to:

  • Review on Day 1: No playbook for that contract? No problem. Built by seasoned attorneys, LegalOn’s 50+ AI playbooks are specific to your contract and side, enabling immediate review on Day 1.
  • Configure to Your Risk Preferences: Effortlessly adjust settings to your company’s risk preferences, and maintain consistency across all contracts and reviewers. 
  • Easily Integrate Your Standards: Just add your preferred and fallback positions and cascade them across your team with LegalOn.
  • Fully-Tailor AI Contract Review: For companies with an extensive playbook for high-volume contracts, we’ll build AI for your playbook, including for redlines to your own documents or third-party paper

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