We are LegalOn: Meet Jeffrey Shimamoto, Head of Practice Development

LegalOn Team
March 30, 2023

Welcome to another post in our series, We are LegalOn, where we introduce our US team members and share why we are so excited about LegalOn. Our team brings cutting-edge technology to legal teams with LegalOn's popular contract review tool, trusted by thousands of companies and firms worldwide. 

With over two decades of experience as an in-house and law firm attorney in the US and Japan, Jeff is passionate about leading the legal profession into the future with technology. His experience has given him unique insight into the challenges faced by lawyers, and he's determined to make their job easier, faster, and more efficient with technology. Outside of work, you might spot Jeff snowboarding with his daughters, doing CrossFit at the gym, or making an appearance at the Emmys.

What was your experience before joining LegalOn?

I am a Southern California-based, New York-qualified attorney with over 20+ years of experience. I have led legal and compliance departments in the banking, securities, asset management, hedge funds, private equity, entertainment, manufacturing, and technology industries.

What motivated you to join LegalOn?

The thought of joining a company that experienced so much success in Japan and was preparing to launch in the US was very intriguing. Since I spent most of my professional career working in Japan and recently returned to the US, it was a natural fit as most of my daily interactions with colleagues are in Japanese.

What makes you excited about legal tech?

Throughout my career, I have never turned down a challenge. As a legal professional that has straddled both the analog and digital age, my next step focuses on building the future of our profession while embracing the technological advances available to us in the present.

LegalOn offers AI contract review. Why would a legal team need such a tool?

The legal profession faces the challenge of adapting to an increasingly digital world. To meet that challenge, legal teams can use the speed and accuracy of LegalOn's AI to help review legal agreements for risks and negotiate better terms. AI will not replace attorneys, but it can help improve efficiency and accuracy.

“The legal profession faces the challenge of adapting to an increasingly digital world. To meet that challenge, legal teams can use the speed and accuracy of LegalOn's AI.”
What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I lead an active and busy lifestyle. If I am not exercising to keep my mind clear, I am spending time with my daughters, either snowboarding or shopping.

Jeff loves entertainment, and his years as a GC in the industry brought him to the Emmys.

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