We are LegalOn: Meet Daniel Lewis, US CEO

LegalOn Team
March 29, 2023

Welcome to our series, We are LegalOn. Our team is bringing cutting-edge technology to legal teams with LegalOn’s AI contract review software, trusted by thousands of companies and firms worldwide. We are just getting started in the United States, and in the coming weeks, we'll introduce you to our US team, share our story, and show you why we are so excited about LegalOn. 

This week, we meet Daniel Lewis, our US CEO. After graduating from Stanford Law, Daniel founded the successful legal tech startup Ravel Law, which LexisNexis acquired. He then went on to lead LexisNexis’ Practical Guidance and Analytical businesses. His goal is to use technology to free lawyers from tedious contract tasks so they can focus on lawyering. A dad and an avid mountain biker, Daniel is always up for a fast-paced challenge! 

What was your experience before joining LegalOn?

Before joining LegalOn I led the Practical Guidance and Analytical businesses at LexisNexis for the US, UK, and Canada. Our focus was helping lawyers complete essential legal work quickly and confidently using templates, guidance, and data. I spent five years with LexisNexis after they acquired my startup, Ravel Law, in 2017. At Ravel, we built legal analytics and research tools to help lawyers understand how judges had ruled in past decisions and how they could make more persuasive arguments. I received my JD from Stanford Law and my BA from Johns Hopkins.

What motivated you to join LegalOn?

I’ve spent a lot of time talking with in-house legal teams about their problems and goals, and the pain of contract review comes up constantly. Contract review soaks up time and attention and takes away from the other work teams want to prioritize. With LegalOn, we have the opportunity to solve that problem with technology and to be at the leading edge of using AI, which I believe has extraordinary potential over the coming 5-10 years. Moreover, I found I really enjoy talking and working with in-house counsel – their sense of practicality, speed, and innovation is refreshing and energizing. 

You have 10+ years of working in the legal tech scene. What makes you excited about this industry?

I’ve been interested in legal tech ever since law school, where it felt to me like we as lawyers didn’t have access to the latest and greatest technology. As I explored more deeply, I became excited about how we could improve the daily experience of lawyers with better technology. There are some really tedious parts of lawyering that few people happily “sign up” for, and I want to use technology to elevate lawyers out of those tasks so they can work at the highest level of their skills and the best fit of their interests.

“There are some really tedious parts of lawyering that few people happily 'sign up' for, and I want to use technology to elevate lawyers out of those tasks so they can work at the highest  level of their skills”
LegalOn offers AI contract review. Why would a legal team need such a tool?

As one in-house counsel said to me, this is the product I’ve been waiting years for! Contract review is often not the most glamorous part of lawyering – it requires attention to detail, knowledge of standards and norms, and practical judgment to balance business needs and risks. Our product keeps lawyers in control – essential in balancing risk, for example – but helps them review contracts faster and more accurately by identifying hard-to-spot risks and providing guidance and sample language in line with norms. Combining AI software with practical guidance makes LegalOn a one-stop tool for better contract review. 

“As one in-house counsel said to me, 'this is the product I’ve been waiting years for!'”
What do you do when you aren’t working at LegalOn?

I have two young girls and love spending time with them. As a family, we like to hike, camp, travel, cook, and see friends and family. When I have a few moments to myself, I like to hop on my mountain bike, go for a run, read, or do projects. I have a hard time sitting still!

When Daniel is not at LegalOn, you might spot hiking or biking the Marin Hills.

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