Feature Summary: AI Revise, One-Click Redlining

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AI Revise is an automatic redlining tool that lets your fix contract risks with a click. Backed by generative AI and legal content from seasoned attorneys, AI Revise delivers smart, context-aware edits instantly. Free time to focus on what matters - substantive legal decisions.

Why Choose AI Revise?
  • Save time: Cut the hours spent tedious redlining. We've spent thousands of hours training and testing to make AI Revise safe and efficient so you can revise contract clauses with one swift click.
  • Infused with legal expertise: No AI hallucinations. AI revise draws from extensive databases of legal content drafted by experienced attorneys to deliver professional-grade revisions.
  • Lawyer-led validation: AI Revise has been rigorously tested and validated by seasoned legal professionals.
  • Secure and confidential: Built with Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Service, our data privacy protections ensure your data is protected and confidential.

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Take the next step in transforming how your legal team reviews and redlines contracts. The AI Revise Product Sheet provides insights into the features, benefits, and capabilities of this cutting-edge redlining tool.

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