Generative AI's Legal Battlefield: Copyright, Fair Use, and Liability

The legal framework governing generative AI is being decided now as courts consider the rapidly evolving issues in copyright and fair use. Even as courts grapple with these issues, the technology is delivering enormous benefits to companies that have embraced it. The best in-house legal teams balance the opportunities and seize them while understanding how their companies (and legal departments) train and use generative AI tools.  What have we learned, what open questions remain, and what does that mean for in-house legal?

Watch this on-demand webinar for a conversation with Mark Lemley, William H. Neukom Professor at Stanford Law and the world’s most cited scholar in IP law; Cecilia Ziniti, three-time General Counsel and former product counsel for Amazon Alexa and General Counsel for software AI company, Replit; and Daniel Lewis, US CEO of LegalOn Technologies.

This CLE webinar provides an update on the rapidly evolving legal issues around generative AI, model training, and usage:

  • Copyright and Fair Use: The future of copyright law is being decided right now. What issues are at the core of blockbuster generative AI lawsuits and what have we learned?
  • Litigation Update: Dive deep into the allegations and explore the early decisions made in blockbuster lawsuits, including the New York Times's suit against OpenAI and Microsoft
  • Navigating Forward: As the legal landscape evolves, in-house legal teams are leading the path forward. What are the best practices for governing the use and development of generative AI?

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