AI: The End of Lawyers or a New Era of Practice?

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Will AI bring the end for lawyers or a new era in legal practice?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly entering the legal field, promising increased efficiency, improved accuracy, and enhanced access to justice. What does this mean for the future of lawyers? 

During this webinar, LegalOn's US CEO will interviews Richard Tromans, renowned legal industry expert and author of the thought-provoking article "Is AI the End of Lawyers? Not Yet." In his article, Richard delves into the implications of AI on the future of legal professionals and their jobs.

We explore AI's opportunities and challenges, including the potential benefits of AI tools, which can expedite time-consuming tasks and reduce human error. However, as AI takes on more sophisticated work, some are concerned about the potential displacement of lawyers. This webinar will discuss this concern head-on and provide a nuanced perspective on the impact of AI on law firms and in-house lawyers.

Topics include:

  • Current and future use cases for AI, including summarization, drafting, and review
  • Can AI empower legal teams to bring more work and value in-house?
  • Will law firms' billable hour model prevent adoption, and will that change?
  • How can lawyers future-proof their careers and leverage AI to augment their skills to deliver more value?

Check out the webinar today and gain valuable insights into the evolving legal landscape and how AI might shape its future.

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