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AI-Powered Growth for Solo Practitioners and Boutique Firms

A Game Changer for Solo Practitioners and Boutique Firms

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The legal industry is at the cusp of a new AI-driven era, offering unprecedented efficiency and growth opportunities for solo practitioners and boutique law firms. Innovative legal practices are leading the way in responsible AI use to expand capacity and deliver quality results faster for their clients. The key lies in using AI responsibly to build trust, protect security, and ensure reliability.

In this on-demand webinar, Daniel Lewis, US CEO of LegalOn Technologies, David H. Drew, VP, Legal & Business Affairs at Priori, and Lynden Renwick, Managing Partner at Out-House Attorneys delve into practical AI use cases and best practices tailored for solo practitioners and small firms. Some discussion topics will include:

  • Scaling with AI: Discover how AI can be your ally in increasing your firm's capacity and output without an army of associates.
  • Value-Based Billing: Get insights on optimizing fee structures in the AI efficiency era.
  • Strengthening Client Relations: Learn tactics for fostering trust with in-house teams, focusing on transparent AI usage.

This on-demand webinar is designed for solo practitioners and law firms interested how learning more about the benefits, economics, and ethical responsibilities around AI use. Access the program FREE today.

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