LegalOn Technologies Expands AI Contract Review Platform with Attorney-Drafted Templates

San Francisco, USA - September 21, 2023: Today, LegalOn Technologies, the global leader in pre-signature AI contract review, announced the launch of LegalOn Templates – 100+ market-standard templates created and maintained by experienced attorneys. LegalOn Templates marks LegalOn’s entry into practical guidance solutions for contract drafting.

Designed for the practical needs of in-house legal teams, LegalOn uniquely combines cutting-edge AI with attorney-drafted content and guidance. With the introduction of LegalOn Templates, we're expanding our product line to support contract drafting. AI contract review and templates now together in one package gives legal teams the contracting essentials they need in one place. 

"We have a unique view about building legal AI,” said Daniel Lewis, US CEO of LegalOn Technologies. “While we are at the forefront of AI for contract review, we also believe it’s essential to combine AI with attorney-drafted, reliable, and up-to-date legal guidance content. This approach sets us apart from other legal tech companies.”

Templates breaks ground in three key areas:

  1. Accelerating contract drafting with focused templates: Covering a wide spectrum of the most common in-house agreements, LegalOn Templates enable legal professionals to pick their buy-side or sell-side negotiating position, jurisdiction, and contract type. These nuances can speed contract drafting by hours.
  2. Drafting confidently with updated templates and guidance: Searching the internet for reliable, up-to-date, attorney-drafted templates is challenging, especially with the rapid proliferation of AI-generated content. LegalOn Templates are drafted, validated, and regularly updated by attorneys with extensive corporate contracting experience. Each of the 100+ templates has been through rigorous scrutiny and external validation from a panel of corporate attorneys.
  3. Reducing legal spend: Businesses are pressuring legal teams to be more efficient without sacrificing quality. LegalOn Templates enable in-house attorneys to quickly draft a wider array of contract types without having to spend on outside counsel or other legal guidance subscriptions.

“Drafting contracts can be time-intensive. Non-routine contracts take even longer. LegalOn’s Templates – drafted by experienced attorneys – provide excellent starting points that can be adapted to your business needs, saving valuable time and legal resources,” said Christine Farmer, a corporate attorney for growth companies and investors.

"In a world awash with content, lawyers tell us they want easy access to market-standard, up-to-date, high quality templates. Templates are a natural extension for us because we already combine attorney-drafted suggestions, sample language, and practice notes in our AI contract review software,” said Jeff Shimamoto, Head of Legal Content at LegalOn Technologies.

Templates will be offered in an affordable package with AI contract review. For the first time, legal teams can access quality templates, their own precedents and templates, and AI contract review in one practical solution for pre-signature contract review and drafting.

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LegalOn Technologies is a leading AI contract review software for legal teams, serving innovative lawyers and legal professionals at over 3,800 companies and firms globally. LegalOn is backed by leading investors and has raised over $130M. Companies and firms interested in our technology can find more information and sign up for a demo at LegalOn’s US headquarters are in San Francisco, and its global headquarters are in Tokyo. Follow LegalOn on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on the latest news and developments.

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