LegalOn Launches Microsoft Word Add-In to Transform Contract Review for Legal Professionals

San Francisco, USA & Tokyo, Japan - Tuesday, April 9 2024: LegalOn Technologies, a global leader in AI contract review, is excited to announce the launch of its new Microsoft Word add-in, LegalOn Contract AI. This add-in helps legal professionals find and fix contract risks, summarize documents, draft new language, and much more, all from within the familiar environment of Microsoft Word.

LegalOn Contract AI meets legal professionals where they already work in Microsoft Word to help them thoroughly review contracts up to 85% faster. The add-in includes complete AI contract review playbooks built by our experienced attorneys. These AI playbooks take just seconds to screen an entire contract for hundreds of risks, thoroughly alert to key issues, and provide preferred language and guidance.

The add-in also includes LegalOn Assistant, a secure, private AI that can answer questions about contracts, summarize documents and clauses, draft new language, check for defined terms, and much more. Assistant frees legal professionals from tedious tasks so they can focus on the work and judgment that sets them apart. 

“We built this add-in for legal professionals who want to save time reviewing contracts and prefer to work in Word,” said Daniel Lewis, CEO of LegalOn Technologies. “With LegalOn, you can start reviewing contracts quickly and confidently knowing that our AI is built on real legal knowledge. And, you can do it right now in Word, which is likely already open on your computer.”

In addition to the Word add-in, LegalOn Technologies will soon be integrating with Copilot in Microsoft Teams, further embedding our services in the Microsoft ecosystem to help legal teams more easily communicate, draft, and review contracts. 

"Working closely with Microsoft has allowed us to tailor to the needs of our users directly within Word," said Mike Contillo, Head of Product for LegalOn Technologies. "This reflects our focus on delivering practical, powerful solutions that help legal professionals seamlessly use AI."

LegalOn works closely with Microsoft to provide our customers with world-class product experiences, AI, and data privacy. In addition to integrations, LegalOn secured professional-grade data privacy protections from Microsoft Azure for use of GPT AI technology starting in 2023. These protections ensure that no customer data is used to train, retrain, or improve any AI models provided via Microsoft, and that no customer data is stored by Microsoft for any period of time, even for their default abuse monitoring and debugging purposes.

For more information about LegalOn Contract AI in Word or to request a demo, please visit our website.

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