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Playbook Checklist: A Step-by-Step Guide to Build Your Playbook

11 Questions to Ask When Creating a Playbook For Your Team

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Best Practices for Building Your First Playbook

Playbooks are the best way to codify the step-by-step process you want your legal team and business partners to follow for reviewing and managing contracts. But how do you build your first playbook, and what are some top considerations to keep in mind when creating your playbook? Download our checklist to ask – and answer – 11 important questions to help you build your first playbook.

Our checklist covers questions on:

  • Compliance and Risk: Learn the key questions to ask on compliance requirements, regulation, and risk identification and mitigation.
  • Workflow Creation and Approvals Management: Once you create your playbook, how will you actually incorporate it into your workflows?
  • Team-wide Enablement: Playbooks are meant to empower your entire business. See how you create communication, onboarding, and integration processes with your existing tools.

This Guide is a valuable resource for anyone considering playbooks for their team. If you are already building playbooks, look for additional considerations for streamlining your playbook process.

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