Introducing LegalOn Templates: Create Quality Contracts, Faster

Vivan Marwaha, Product Marketing Manager
September 21, 2023

Too often, in-house attorneys have to search and scour the internet and vast contract databases when drafting a new contract. But as we all know, the internet is an immense domain of information, and finding appropriate contracts for their unique needs is far too time-consuming, and often, fruitless, for in-house legal teams.

It’s clear that finding trustworthy, up-to-date templates is hard and expensive – asking friends and networks, searching the internet, or subscribing to costly databases. 

That’s one of the main problems we sought to solve when building LegalOn Templates: 100+ market standard legal templates written and constantly updated by seasoned attorneys for in-house legal teams. With contract types from less-routine Distribution Agreements and Trademark Licensing Agreements to more routine ones, such as NDAs and MOUs, LegalOn Templates is a one-stop shop for in-house teams looking to access top-quality contract templates for a fast first-pass.

Quick Start to Contract Drafting

We know drafting contracts can be hard. With different positions, jurisdictions, and contract types, putting those first set of words and sentences down on a blank page can be a major challenge. Traditionally, in-house attorneys have either had to find inspiration on the internet, or subscribe to expensive legal research platforms that offer endless libraries of legal content. While these libraries are helpful, they often contain endless pages full of irrelevant information that makes it hard to find quality contract templates–the task at hand.

LegalOn Templates is here to solve that problem. Directly integrated in our contract review platform, simply click on the templates tab on our platform, enter your position and jurisdiction, and start drafting! 

Our 100+ templates help legal teams in three significant ways:

Accelerate Contract Drafting with Proven Templates 

Covering a wide spectrum of agreements, LegalOn Templates help you build contracts faster. Don’t start from scratch or a low-quality precedent – pick your contract type, jurisdiction, and negotiating position and jumpstart your drafting process. These templates have been meticulously drafted by legal experts with years of industry experience, ensuring that you have a solid foundation to build upon.

Draft Confidently with Up-to-Date Templates and Drafting Guidance

Whatever your legal expertise, starting with LegalOn helps you ensure the terms that you need are in your agreements. From routine to nonroutine, buy-side to sell-side, LegalOn Templates are constantly updated to reflect changing legal requirements and the latest market standards, each with explanations and guidance to help you understand the potential impact and nuances of your choices. This empowers you to negotiate from a position of strength and create contracts that align with your company's goals.

Reduce Legal Spend

LegalOn Templates empower your team to handle more contracts in-house and reduce spend on expensive external legal fees, subscriptions, and membership fees. Regain control over your legal budget with expertly drafted and maintained templates bundled with LegalOn’s AI contract review platform.

Beyond templates, our platform equips you with tools for efficient redlining, clause comparison, and collaboration, streamlining the review process. This means that when you do involve outside counsel, their expertise can be focused on strategic legal matters rather than routine contract language.

A New Paradigm for Drafting Contracts

Drafting contracts from scratch isn’t fun. And it’s not work most in-house legal professionals want to spend their time on when they can support the business in other, more creative and strategic ways. Yet, drafting these contracts with precision and nuance is important work that if done incorrectly, can expose the business to significant risk.

Download our Product Sheet to Know More

That’s why LegalOn is so excited to launch Templates on our contract review platform, so that legal teams can focus on higher value work that matters while we automate the tedious work of contract drafting and review. But we don’t leave it all to technology or AI. Each of our contracts has been meticulously written and reviewed by some of the finest lawyers in the field. Each template has been subject to a rigorous review and validation process, and only those that have passed these quality tests are on our platform. 

Already used by 3,800 legal teams globally, LegalOn is the global leader in contract review. Request a meeting to learn more about LegalOn Templates and our other industry-leading features. 

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